Titebond Professional Radon Sealant is a non-chemically curing sealant that combines the superior flexibility and durability of a silicone and allows joint movement capability of at least ± 25% with 100% recovery. It should be used on foundation cracks, joints and penetrations, around foundation coatings normally used for damp proofing and membranes surrounding the foundation. Note: According to the EPA, sealants can help limit the entry of radon through the foundation. It is also recommended that a professionally installed radon mitigation or fan based system be used in conjunction with this sealant. The mold and mildew resistant formula dries quickly and contains no added ozone-depleting chemicals, making it safer for you and the environment.

Features & Benefits

  • IDEAL FOR: Reducing the entry of radon through the foundation.
  • SEALS: Concrete, galvanized steel, wood and most common building materials.
  • Reduces radon entry
  • Seals foundation gaps
  • Effective barrier to air, dirt, insects and radon
  • Superior flexibility with enhanced durability
  • Easy paintability and cleanup of an acrylic


  • ASTM C920 Grade NS Class 25
  • ASTM C834 Type OP Grade -18°C
  • Federal Specification TTS-00230C Type S Class A

Application Guidelines

  • Application Temperature: Above 40°F (4°C)
  • Service Temperature Range: -25°F to 180°F (-31°C to 82°C)
  • Method of Application: Cartridge/caulking gun
  • Working Time: Approximately 15-20 minutes for a 1/4" bead
  • Application Directions: 1. Surfaces must be clean and free from any material that may prevent adequate adhesion. Properly designed joint not to exceed 1/2” in width. 2. Cut nozzle at 45° angle for a 1/8” to 1/2” bead and place in cartridge gun. 3. Make sure concrete is dried and cured. Force sealant into clean joint. If necessary, smooth bead immediately with a damp sponge. No tooling is required. It is the sole responsibility of the user to thoroughly test any proposed use with all substrates to determine project suitability.
  • Painting: The sealant should be dry to the touch and ready to paint in 2-4 hours.
  • Cleanup: Clean uncured material with water. After curing, excess sealant must be cut or scraped away.
  • Coverage:
    Container 1/8” Bead 1/4" Bead 3/8" Bead 1/2" Bead
    10.1 oz. Cartridge 123 ft. 31 ft. 14 ft. 8 ft.

Physical Properties

  • Type: Acrylic
  • Calculated VOC: <50 g/L (<1.5%)
  • Color: Concrete gray
  • Solids: 82%
  • Flashpoint: Solvent free/Not applicable
  • Viscosity: 450,000 cps
  • Freeze / Thaw Stability: Stable
  • Storage Life: 24 months in a dry location at or below 75°F


Not designed for continuous submersion or use below the waterline. Air, sealant and surface temperature should be above 40°F and below 120°F. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours. The sealant should be dry to the touch and ready to paint in 2-4 hours. Humid conditions may extend drying times. For best results, store in a dry location at or below 75°F.

Product SKUs

Part NumberUPCCase UPCSizeWeightUnits Per PackagePackages Per PalletColor
32510370830325121003708303251910.1 Oz. Cartridge - Gray15.0012108

Warranty Statement

50 Year Limited Warranty: If not satisfied with product performance when used as directed, return container and proof of purchase to Franklin International, Inc. for replacement of product. Liability is limited to product replacement only.

Important Notice: Our recommendations, if any, for the use of this product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Since the use of this product is beyond the control of the manufacturer, no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to such use or effects incidental to such use, handling or possession or the results to be obtained, whether in accordance with the directions or claimed so to be. The manufacturer expressly disclaims responsibility therefore. Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with existing laws and/or patents covering any material or use.

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